Sunday, June 15, 2008

Movie Review: Indian Jones

If I could find a way to put stars in the negative to reflect how plainly horrible this movie was I would do that. The movie starts out with Harrison Ford surviving an Atomic Explosion by crawling into a lead lined refrigerator and the movie doesn't get any better from there. Throughout the movie there were parts that made me just stop and thing "could this get any worse" And believe me it did. Between the Shia LaBeouf learning to swing by monkeys teaching to an alien blowing someones head up with knowledge. If you are an Indy fan at heart you will think this could be one of the worst films produced.

To end on a lighter note they do have a few things in the movie that I found entertaining. They show the arc of the covenant at the beginning of the movie. The punches and slaps were loud and obnoxious just like the original film. And I would also say the acting was to terrible... just the screen play.

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