Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Get Smart

In 1965 Mel Brooks and Buck Henry started a 4 yr tv series about a secret government agency called Control. It featured a bumbling Maxwell Smart, AKA agent 86, fighting the terrorist like counter part know as KAOS. As Agent 86 fumbles through his day to day his more competent half, agent 99, is always there to bail him out. It is a very funny show with a lot of subtle humor and slap stick comedy intertwined. This year we were lucky enough to see the re-emergence of this long lost TV series in the full length movie motion picture staring Steve Carell as agent 86 in Get Smart.

In contrast to my last movie review I would give this one 5 stars plus! It was grade "A" comedy that really featured a lot of "blasts from the pasts" including a cameo from one of the former players in the TV series. Besides the nostalgic value this movie also features a whole list of reasons to see it. It had some high level action scenes but not to much that it was annoying to watch, competent writing with there underlying jabs at our current administration and even a small love story in it. I was very grateful that the love story was down played and the plot of the movie and character development were more important. I would also grade this movie high on its film work. though mostly clear cut and colorful there where some grainy images and definitely some times where the movie had a little bit of a "Shake-e-ness" that helped create the mood for the movie. All in all there was nothing this movie really lacked. Even up to the very end they introduce a new character which makes it ever more apparent that there will be Get Smarts for us to enjoin in the future.


The Sperry Blog said...

I am so glad we saw Get Smart as a family! That is such a good memory of mine!

Patsy said...

I love this movie. Not only did it bring me back to the old nostalgia of the Don Adams shows, but they did a really good job of keeping it what it was. 5 stars and then some.