Saturday, June 14, 2008


I find blogs a very peculiar and entertaining device that we have at the disposal of our fingertips. for the longest time I have been reading many peoples blogs and leavening comments or simply learning from them. However, I think its time for me to start "blogging" myself. Now I am not going to be filling this with things of my life by creating a journal but mostly to see if I can get discussions going. It is my goal to offend half of you and have the other half agree and switch sides just to make it more enticing. There will be columns of all sorts from sports to politics to movie reviews. I will still add a bit of my personal life here and there and include my photo albums but I am hoping to have a lot of discussion brought to this site.... than again no one might even show up!


Patsy said...

Pretty good start. And you do have a lot to say. Always have, always will!

Devin said...

Bryant Brown whats up my friend? Long time no see! Thats sweet you started a blog my wife and I have one too if you want to check it out. I hope all is well for you keep in touch.