Monday, October 18, 2010

10 things that make me happy

In my recent discovery of being crazy I have come to some irrational thoughts that make me feel rather rational J For instance I have a hard time when people ask me if I am "happy". What does that even mean? Can there be a more generic question that people usually give the most generic answers that don't even really generate there true feelings to this question? Ok to understand the state of being Happy lets go to the internet which is never wrong… as per Wikipedia Happiness is a state of mind or feeling characterized by contentment, love, satisfaction, pleasure, or joy. So when people ask me this question I feel like I have to answer quickly… and in an instant I am suppose to weigh out my current feelings on everything in my life in an instant! I could be happy with having a house, a beautiful wife and my job, but not happy with school and maybe my car being weird. (it isn't at the moment it is just an example to use…) so since three of the 5 I thought of make me happy does that mean I am happy? I don't know where to draw the line in the sand. So to me, to be asked if I am happy is an overly generic statement that I feel like I am unable to answer at times… even if I am really happy. Now I realize that I am probably the only person in the world that can take such a simple question like this and turn it into something that is a million times more complicated than it needs to be… so for the benefit of me I decided to see what makes me happy. I am going to exclude people from this list because they usually make me happy… Im going to list the top ten things that make me happy that are not people! Here we go…


10) Ice cream on a stick!

    Is there anything else in this world more marvelous and wonderful than this invention?! Ice cream is one of the best things in the world to eat and than making it more portable with a million different flavor options is border line genius. I hope to shake the man's hand that invited this one day…

9) Baseball games on TV!

    Baseball is America's past time and for good reason any game with any team brings a smile to my face. There are people that say Baseball is boring on TV and to all those people I say…. Shut up.

8) Electric Guitars!

    If one were to pose the question what is the greatest invention of all time invented in America I think most would give Na├»ve answers like the light bulb or the Atomic Bomb. These answers are clearly wrong when put into perspective with the Electric Guitar. Les Paul, a musician from Wisconsin invented the first solid body electric guitar transforming music into a new sound and sensation that defined America from the 20's to the late 70's! As a side note the state of Wisconsin having this man born into it as well as the mass amount of cheese produced each year make this state the most underrated state in the USA.

7) Sushi!

    Sushi is one of the greatest things ever to come across the Pacific ocean to fill the American pallet. Is it the raw fish, the seaweed rapper or the creepy infatuation that us Westerners have with the Asian population? Probably a mixture of all three! Who cares pass the wasabi…

6) Watching construction!

    This one could be my weirdest but I absolutely love it! Is there anything more fascinating than watching the human mind go to work and engineer great architectural feats? How many dogs have built a three story office building in less than a year? That is right… there are missing those opposable thumbs!! Don't worry I don't let my dog forget that I have them…

5) First day of school!    

    I know this sounds weird but I love the first day of School. Maybe it's the fall weather, the new books, the opportunity to learn more and more. Ironically one of the things that make me not happy is school after about 2 weeks in when I realize that im probably going to learn very little, im brook from the cost of books and it kills way to much of my free time.

4) Reading a book!

    There is nothing more important to my existence than my ability to read. Movie's and TV are boring compared to the wonders of a book. What people can do on the screen is only a millionth of what my mind projects to me when I am reading. A book can take me to places I have never been and get lost there for hours and hours. I can revisit and fall in love again and again with books. Books are wonderful and amazing.

3) WORKING for the Utah jazz!

    Best job in the world. I could not think of a better thing than sitting in the booth at 97 years old and dying at the end of a jazz game. I would go out with a smile on my face and not to mention that would probably be somewhere in the ball park of my 3200 game attended… which would put me in the genius book of world records… I guess this one counts as two reasons to be happy! GO JAZZ

2) Cheese!

    This sometimes might be my number 1… it was hard to decide but it is safe to say cheese is the most delectable food…. Ever. If you argue this point you will lose… even if you are allergic to cheese it's hard to say it's not the best thing you could possible put in your body J

1)Making people Laugh!

    This is my number one and for good reason. If something I say makes someone else smile or laugh it is me helping them get over a crummy day or breaking the slowness of life. If I could do that 24/7 I think I could say I am a fully happy man. The ability to bring joy to people's life through jokes and humor is so important to me.



Charly Dan's Crafts said...

LOVE IT!!! (PS...You're not crazy!)

Patsy said...

You are awesome! I love how you put it altogether.