Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Condo Life...

I am offically living in the condo as of sunday night. I am rather enjoying it but at the same time it feels kind of empty with me being the only one there... and i have a bed and a table. furniture is slowly making its way into the condo which is good! ill try and take pictures and add them later so when i am the only one that reads the blog ill be surprised :) things are going really well with it... we get married NEXT month. that is insane to think about but i am excited. Its great to have support from all of our friends and family especially for the next 5 weeks im sure its going to just get crazier and crazier. between elisha and I, we totalled over 100 hrs of work last week and its going to be that way until the wedding and maybe for a while after that. things are going better for the most part minus the job. still keeping my eye open internally and outside my work as well. i hope i can find something soonish to make things a bit more barable for working so much. Love my family and my hale family :) Been great to me so far. Still working through just a couple more things in my head hopefully have it all clearned up in no time. other than that things are great

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